We are pleased to announce the next meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Geospatial Transportation Users Group (MAGTUG) on Thursday, January 12, 2012, from 9:00am to 1:45pm.  The meeting will be held at Bentley Corporate Headquarters (Auditorium), 685 Stockton Drive, Exton, PA


Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with transportation and geospatial professionals and help direct the future of infrastructure technology that sustains our nation’s roads and highways.

  • Experience Esri GIS and Bentley CAD data integration
  • Discover advancements in 3D modeling, virtual design and construction, and intelligent infrastructure
  • Communicate challenges and concerns with industry professionals
  • Learn the latest in Bentley technology and plans for future development



9:00 Registration/Refreshments

9:30 Welcome/Introductions

10:00 Integrating GIS and the Engineered Model Through Information Modeling

  • This session will go into technical detail regarding some of the methods used to integrate GIS data into the engineered model and how to get engineering model data into the GIS world.  The use of Bentley’s ProjectWise engineering content management software and the ProjectWise Connector for ArcGIS software will be discussed and demonstrated, showing Esri GIS data being delivered into the Bentley engineering model environment and Bentley engineering models being delivered to an Esri ArGIS environment.  Sarah Burkett of GeoDecisions, who recently completed an evaluation project on this exact subject for Georgia DOT, will be on hand to outline the exact needs for DOTs regarding this type of data sharing capability and will talk about the challenges dealt with on the GDOT project.

11:30 Bentley’s Oversize/Overweight Permitting Software – SUPERLOAD

  • This session will cover the basics of SUPERLOAD, Bentley’s software for intelligent permitting and routing of oversize/overweight vehicles.  One of the major components of this application is a routable road network which typically relies on GIS data as the foundation.  New Jersey DOT’s implementation of Bentley’s SUPERLOAD software will be shown and discussed.

12:15 Lunch (provided)

1:00 Multidisciplinary Model Integration for Intelligent Infrastructure

  • This session will cover the world of 3D engineering models, focusing on the ways that 3D GIS models, 3D building information models, and 3D intelligent engineering models can be combined and utilized for applications like construction machine control, project scheduling, model conflict detection, and as-built asset management.  Bentley’s new iPad infrastructure model viewing applications will be demonstrated.

1:30 Announcements/Attendee Updates

1:45 Adjourn

*Need more info? Email Tom Gergel or call 610-955-3125


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