SAVE THE DATE – May 2, 2012

Mark your calendar for the upcoming MAGTUG workshop: Transportation Asset Management: Overview and State of the Practice in the Region.  The workshop will be held at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission in Philadelphia on Wednesday May, 2nd.

Government highway and streets departments are faced with smaller budgets, smaller staffs, aging infrastructure, and increasing demands from the public.  Efficient use of resources and timely information are more important than ever.

The best framework to address these issues, and allow a transportation agency to work smarter, not harder, is transportation asset management.  Even small steps can yield a powerful return, but fully developed transportation asset management includes:

  • Field-proven best practices
  • Integrated data and applications for analysis and reporting
  • A means to optimize capital and maintenance investments
  • Most critically, a means to ensure that tax dollars are well spent

This workshop will provide a road map and resources for developing a local transportation asset management program.  State and local panelists will review issues and progress on implementation.



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