MAGTUG Event – 10/13/2015

Please join us on Tuesday, October 13th, starting at 10:00am for the next MAGTUG Event “Esri Roads and Highways”.

Esri has further developed the functionality of the Esri Roads and Highways ArcGIS extension to support use by local and regional agencies.  Specific capabilities include addressing tools that allow Roads and Highways to provide a Linear Referencing System (LRS)-based data management strategy for the road network geometry and all associated attribute data, including address ranges and address points.  This data management strategy eliminates the common challenge of the proliferation of copies and versions of the centerline dataset to address specific business unit needs.

This presentation will highlight:

  • Simplified road network data management
    • One unified centerline for the enterprise
    • Supports
      • Address ranges and points
      • Road inventory, projects, signs, etc
      • Routing, geocoding
    • Easy to use web interface
  • Improved decision making environments
    • Integrate silos of data
    • Unlock ArcGIS analysis capabilities
  • Easily deployed applications
    • Supports ArcGIS for Local Government solutions
    • Supports ArcGIS Online hosted applications
    • Supports Esri productivity apps


(Lunch will be provided by DVRPC.  If attending, please register so we have an accurate head count.)


Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

8th Floor Conference Room

American College of Physicians Bldg.

Corner of 6th and Race Sts

Philadelphia, PA