MAGTUG Webinar – Dec 8, 2015

MAGTUG would like to announce the next installment in our webinar series on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 beginning at 10:00am EST.  Please join Silvana V. Croope and Edward Strauss as they present “Advancing the Implementation of Hazus for Delaware: A Data Strategy for the Government“.

Hazus has been used primarily by the emergency management and environmental communities.  The Delaware Hazus User Group (DEHUG) had its 1st Call on 2/27/2012.  Since that time top discussions focus on data for Hazus.  With support from FEMA Region III and Delaware State Agencies, governmental staff was trained and prepared to use Hazus-MH.  This presentation shows the process undertaken to ensure statewide analysis consistency using Hazus including a policy approach, strategies adopted, tactics defined, and operational actions now in place.

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