About Us

The Mid-Atlantic Geospatial Transportation Users Group was established so transportation industry practitioners could share information and experiences.  The group has been meeting two to three times a year at various locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.  A collection of individuals sharing an interest in Geospatial Transportation topics has formed a steering committee to plan meetings and provide direction.


To promote information exchange about:

  • geospatial topics that support regional transportation system* engineering, management, and planning
  • federal, regional, state and local transportation system* standards and best practices for geospatial professionals to help implement or understand
  • innovations in geospatial applications and tools that may be employed to build, inventory, maintain or manage transportation systems*
  • issues with current industry focus being discussed and developed by one or both disciplines

*Transportation System = safe transport of individuals and items on roadways, waterways, airways, and railways plus airports; coastal ports; cyclist and pedestrian traffic; and the vehicles, vessels and infrastructure involved

How to Join MAGTUG

To join MAGTUG, simply attend the next MAGTUG event or webinar. When you register or sign in at a MAGTUG event your registration information will allow us to email you future announcements.

If you do not wish to attend in-person events or webinars but would still like to receive shared news and information (in addition to upcoming events notifications), enter your email address in the SUBSCRIBE TO GET ANNOUNCEMENTS at the right to sign up. ———–>

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Who should Join MAGTUG

Federal, State, Regional, and Local Transportation Professionals
Traffic & Transit Engineers
County and Municipal DOT Directors
Transit Planners and Administrators
Drafters & Surveyors
Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
GIS Professionals & Geospatial Analysts
Civil Engineering Students
Transportation & Regional Planners
Engineering & Design Consultants
Geospatial Application Developers
Project Engineers & Managers
Airport Operations
Public Works Managers & Roadway Maintenance Supervisors
Educators and Trainers
Enterprise Asset Managers & DBAs



Our sponsors support MAGTUG’s efforts by lending personnel, meeting spaces, access to technology, advertisement, coffee and catering to our events. As an all-volunteer organization, we depend on their generous donations of time, access and communication channels to continue to promote our events and share information with more professionals within the Region.

If your company or organization wishes to become a MAGTUG sponsor or co-sponsor a particular upcoming event, please contact any current Steering Committee member to offer your support.


Event Reference Documents

CLICK HERE to download the MAGTUG Logo

CLICK HERE to view the MAGTUG Event Co-sponsor Agreement

CLICK HERE for introductory MAGTUG presentation (Last update – 2014)