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A product software development and consulting company based in Newark, Delaware, specializing in the transportation and quality assurance areas, offering competitive products and custom solutions to Government Agencies in the fields of GIS development & integration, mobility applications and asset management.


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These national and local companies support the Mid-Atlantic region with geospatial and related services for the transportation sector.


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Axis Geospatial

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Dewberry creates, analyzes, and builds tools to share geospatial data, as well as help clients integrate these tools into their daily lives. The division fuses multiple data sets together and provides clients with easy-to-use tools that simplify the use of information to allow for more effective and efficient decision making. Dewberry is a national company that has multiple office throughout the Mid-Atlantic region in Baltimore, Federick, Rockville and Lanham, MD; Charlotte and Raleigh, NC; Bloomfield, Mount Laurel and Parsippany, NJ; Mechanicsburg, PA; Fairfax, Danville, Gainesville, Richmond, Leesburg and Virgina Beach, VA; and Charleston,WV.

Dewberry’s Geospatial Services include:

  • GIS/IT
  • Remote sensing
  • Facility/asset management
  • Government transformation

Dewberry Geospatial Services Website Link

GeographIT – A Division of EBA Engineering, Inc.
GeographIT develops and implements state-of-the-art enterprise geographic information system solutions, as well as custom geospatial technology and information management solutions for our clients. Secure, custom web and mobile GIS solutions support online and offline data collection, eliminating concern about cellular broadband coverage. Automating paper-based workflows, integrating database systems, and streamlining data collection and maintenance systems are just a few ways our clients improve data quality while saving time and money.
GeographIT Geospatial Services Website Link

Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. (GPI)
GPI is a mapping firm for all forms of transportation with a mission to map the foundation for infrastructure improvements that enhance the connectivity between people and communities for it’s clients. GPI is a national company with Mid-Atlantic offices in Newark and Milford, DE; Annapolis Junction and Rockville, MD; Cape May Courthouse, Lebanon, Oceanview, and Red Bank, NJ; Charlotte and Wilmington, NC; Allentown, Mechanicsburg, Northeast, Philadelphia, Scranton, PA; Locust Grove, VA; and Elkins, WV.

GPI’s Geospatial Services include:

  • Custom Applications
  • GIS Planning
  • Database Management
  • Inventories & Assessments
  • GIS Management & Support
  • Sign Management Systems

GPI Geospatial Services Website Link

McMahon Associates, Inc.
McMahon has provides local government agencies with support services for GIS data and application support and agencies in sharing GIS data via the web via its TRAISR™ Asset & Infrastructure Management solution. Mid-Atlantic offices in Yardville, NJ; Camp Hill, Exton, Fort Washington, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, PA.

McMahon’s Geospatial Services include:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Systems Integration
  • Local Government Data Models
  • Asset Management
  • Code Enforcement
  • GPS / GIS Integration
  • Software Development

McMahon Associates, Inc. Geospatial Services Website Link |

Michael Baker International (MBI)
MBI is a Geospatial Information Technology (GIT) service provider, leveraging the power of innovative geospatial information technology to better provide service to our public and private sector clients.

MBI’s Geospatial Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Database Development
  • Application Design & Development
  • Data Acquisition & Processing
  • Aerial & Mobile LiDAR
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Broadband Mapping
  • Systems Integration
  • Asset Management
  • Data Access & Visualization
  • Staffing Support

MBI Geospatial Services Website Link

JMT Technology Group
JMT Technology Group’s team of critical thinkers and problem-solvers is ready to find solutions and discover new opportunities for its clients. JMT Technology Group helps client’s transform data into knowledge and action and realize the value of geographic data to improve performance and drive decisions. Mid-Atlantic offices in Newark, DE; Hunt Valley and Towson, MD; Newark and Trenton, NJ; Raleigh, NC; Allentown, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and York, PA; Herndon, Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA; and Washington, DC.

JMT Technology Group’s Geospatial Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Program management
  • Data services and analysis
  • System design, implementation, and administration
  • Web, mobile, and desktop applications development and configuration
  • Systems integration
  • Training

JMT Technology Group Website Link

Weston Solutions
Weston provides essential rapid and emergency planning and response services in an efficient, compliant, and cost-effective manner. Weston is a national company with Mid-Atlantic offices in Edison, NJ; West Chester, PA; and Hampton, VA.

Weston’s Services include:

  • Contingency planning
  • Chemical emergency planning and prevention
  • Risk management planning
  • Chemical safety reviews
  • Oil spill preparedness and prevention
  • Emergency and time-critical response
  • GIS and information management mobile/web tools

Weston Solutions Emergency Planning/Response Services Website Link








Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
HAZUS is a nationally applicable standardized methodology that contains models for estimating potential losses from earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and tsunamis. HAZUS uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to estimate physical, economic, and social impacts of disasters. It graphically illustrates the limits of identified high-risk locations due to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis. Users can then visualize the spatial relationships between populations and other more permanently fixed geographic assets or resources for the specific hazard being modeled, a crucial function in the pre-disaster planning process.
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GIS Inc’s GeoIoT Platform for Airports helps operations support a more efficient facility for travelers and personnel while reducing consumption and increasing efficiency. GIS Inc. is a national company with Mid-Atlantic offices in Alexandria, VA.

GIS Inc’s Geospatial Services include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Asset Tracking
  • Situational Awareness

Website Link | Facebook: InspiredByLocation |
Twitter: @GISIncorporated

QGIS (or Quantum GIS)
The Leading Free and Open Source Desktop Geographic Information System to create, edit, visualize, analyse and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, and soon Android.
Website: | Facebook Link | Twitter: QGIS | GitHub: QGIS


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